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Kitchen Remodelers: Realizing Your Potential!

From Damian Leon, Founder AI Business Systems - See You On the Call!

Who Are We?

Bringing our experience from over 25 years within business and technology we leverage the best cutting edge techniques to bring proven results to your business quickly.


Our founder Damian Leon has been laser-focused on results for businesses like yours over the last few decades working with clients in the USA, UK, Australia and the Netherlands, who usually need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for these solutions. Then he realized the power of helping thousands more businesses like yours be the very best you can be and to dominate your competition with a very special approach that gets you more highest qualified booked appointments with people who have the ability to pay and the serious desire to buy.

Now we can bring what we’ve learned over these many years – we will bring this best-of-breed technology to you in an accessible, affordable, super easy, and very profitable way, improving your bottom line from day one we go live- leaving your competitors scratching their heads, wondering why your results are so good.

We don’t complicate things, we help you increase your revenue within 30 days and beyond with qualified customers who are looking for what you have, tell you what they want, have the money to spend, and want to act now. 

That’s all we deliver because that’s all that matters.  YOUR RESULTS, PERIOD. GUARANTEED 100%.

P.S.: We are at a crossroads- so don’t get left behind – things are moving very fast globally and there will be some people that take advantage of the new technology, and others will sadly be left behind. Let us help you speed ahead now with the booked appointments and business growth to a level you may not have realized is possible.  


Get in touch, let us help you prosper as we enter this time of technological change. All the best and look forward to speaking with you soon!-

Damian Leon 

Founder, AI Business Systems

My mission at AI Business Systems is help to empower business owners in the UK and USA by providing them with the most exceptional, performance-based, and highest-quality booked appointments on the planet. I am committed to delivering high-quality performances and ensuring that our system surpasses industry standards. 

Together lets revolutinize the way you do business and elevate your performance to new heights. Trust AI Business Systems to be your strategic partner in achieving unparalleled success and becoming a trailblazer in your industry. 

Remember, success starts with a single appointment, and we are here to make every one of yours count. 

Start your journey to success today. Join us and experience the transformative power of YOUR INCREASED REVENUE- GUARANTEED setting a new standard for your business. 

Abdul Razak

Senior Director, AI Business Systems



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